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Available In Induced Draft Cross Flow and Counter Flow Design Cooling Towers

There are a total of 107 models available under single cell configuration. Multi-cell configurations are provided to offer flexibility of operations and also to meet increased cooling requirements. These Cooling Towers are supplied with treated wood construction, which is pressure treated with Copper Chromate Arsenic. Structural design for operational load and wind pressure of 30 psf. is taken into consideration.

CCA (Copper Chromate Arsenic) treated wood / wood Cooling Towers have proven themselves the world over. These wood / wood Cooling Towers are available in induced draft cross flow & induced draft counter flow design. Water handling capacity ranges from 45 M3/hr. to 5000 M3/hr. per cell capacity. Fan diameter varies from 1500 mm to 10000 mm. Different models have different Air Travels, Fill height, Fill pattern, Fan diameter, etc. in cross flow design AND varied Fill height, Fill design, etc. in counter flow design.

Wooden Cooling Tower

Wooden Cooling Tower

Schematic view for Wooden Cooling Tower

Wooden Cooling Tower

Salient items giving materials of construction

Structure Treated wood
Fill Treated wood / PVC
Fill Support GRP grids / SS. grids
Drift eliminator Treated wood 2 pass / PVC
Drift eliminator support Marine plywood / PP.
Structural connector FRP rings
Nozzle Polypropylene (PP)
Hardwares HDG.MS. / SS.
Nails Screw Shank SS.
Fan assembly Cast aluminium alloy / GRP bladed
Fan cylinder FRP
Gearbox Worm / Spiral bevel
Drive shaft . Floating HDG.MS
Casing & louvers Corrugated AC.sheet / Corrugated FRP sheet
Electric motor To suit country specific
Cold water basin RCC (by purchaser-drawing provided)

Available In

Class 4 (11 models), Class 9 (16 models), Class 10 (16 models), Class 15 (16 models),
Class 18 (8 models), Class 500 (12 models), Class 600 (12 models), Class 400 (16 models)

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